Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Literacy in math

As a future math teacher, I didn't really realize what it ment to teach literacy in this subject field until this semester. Up until now I always thought that their was not much we could do for literacy and that it was up to more the english and history class to promote literacy. But, more and more this semester I've come to realize that that their is a lot that Math teachers can do to promote literacy.

Math as a subject area has its own language and flow which can be similar to english. As a math teacher it will be our jobs to make sure that our students are literate in this language. This understandings goes from general flow of equality expressions to just the simple things of learning the vocabulary that you will need to know to further your self in mathematics.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger DrCammack said...

Absolutely, Steve. I also think students will need to know how to explain what they know in math -- both orally and in writing, so their literacy practices have to come into play. You have to give them opportunities to explain what they know and how to use it, as well as practice some of their more specific math skills. Does that make sense?


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