Thursday, September 21, 2006


Hi everyone,

Well as I stated before I'm studying to be a high school math teacher. I'm sure I have the same questions as everyone else about how to incorperate things in to our lessons when we finally get out and start teaching. Things like how to encorparate everyones learning styles into a lesson and how to give attention to the students that need extra attention while still giving the whole class the attention of the whole lesson.

How ever, probably one thing that does worry me about having my own classroom is that I'm terrified of learning their names. I am horrible at remembering names, I'm great with faces but when it comes to their names I draw a blank. I guess I'll figure out how to deal with that problem when it comes up.


At 6:32 PM, Blogger DrCammack said...

Think about mnemonic devices, labels, charts and other things you can do to help you remember, Steve. You don't have to keep all of that information in your head -- use tools that will support you in learning them.


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