Thursday, October 19, 2006

Comprehension article.

I feel that in general I am a "good reader" for the things that I like to read. When something Interests me I find that I use a lot of the skills that make a person a good reader, like predicting what will happen in the future of what you are reading and thinking aloud while I am reading the text. However, when I am reading something that does not interest me at all I find my self just rushing through the material just to get it done. I never realized that I did not comprehend the material as much until I read this article and realized what I was doing.

I also feel that this article can be used in much more than just classes where you are reading strait treditional text. In my mathematics classes we use the idea of using group work to further the comprehention of the material you are trying to learn. It is a technique that I learned in college and helped alot of people in the math department get through and better understand a lot of those abstract theory classes. I didn't realize that this was a comprehension technique until i read this article.


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