Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kianna's Literacy

First things first, I am completely depressed about the Mets game; bottom of the 9th bases loaded, 2 out and you strike out… ah!!!! O and Chaves had the sweetest grab to keep the Mets in it till the 9th. Anyway there’s always next year … LETS GO METS

As for Kianna I feel that she is no different than anyone else in her situation in secondary schooling. She has exception reading and writing comprehension skills when it comes to literacy that she enjoys and wants to read and write. However, the skills that she uses when she is doing things that she wants to do, she doesn’t apply when she has to do things that are just for school and what she considers boring. For Kianna to be able to relate the skills that she is capable of using to her school activities, it is the job of the teacher to be able to bring the material to the class in a more stimulating and real life types of situations. You can see how well this works later on in the chapter when Meg lets Kianna be more open with her works, like her poetry, and by encouraging her, helps Kianna bring her good literacy habits to the class room setting.

Sorry about the Mets in the beginning, I needed to vent.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger FrancoV1 said...

I understand about the mets.. I work in an appliance store with tvs all over the place and a bunch of screaming guys so yeah I heard all about it! I agree with noting that Meg let Kianna write her stuff and do what she wanted while still making it relevant to the class. It is sometimes the only way to engage those types of students. Many people act out on purpose, others do just because they are embarrassed at the work itself or perhaps their own potential to do well on such a topic. In Kianna's case, I think she had a lot of potential, but was not being engaged the right way by schools. It is no excuse to act out as she did becasue obviously the others didnt, but maybe all she wanted was the challenge! How else would she get her way?

At 5:02 PM, Blogger DrCammack said...

Yeah yeah the Mets blew it, and the Yankees too. What happened this year??

I think you have a good point about Kianna, in that she isn't all that exceptional in needing to be motivated to learn and find purpose in what she does. Something to keep in mind for all of us.


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