Monday, October 23, 2006

Response to Biology Presentation

I felt that the biology presentation brought up some good points on the things that I feel are important to being a teacher. The main theme being that when you are a teacher your learning for the subject you are teaching doesn’t end when you graduate college. You have to keep up with the current findings in your field of expertise; be it through professional journals, work shops or some other means. If you don’t stay current with your subject you will lose touch with the subject and the new ideas that are surrounding it, in turn you will then lose touch with your students.

I also liked how they talked about how it is important to know your students. All teachers have different personalities and all students have different personalities as well. Personally I’m kind of a jokester and like to joke with my kids, but it is very important to know which kids you can joke with and how far you can joke with them, or else you will be in some hot water with the school or worse yet the parents!!!


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