Monday, November 13, 2006

my weekend

So I had a very fun, but extremely stupid and painful weekend. My friend at work was house sitting for one of our managers who's son happend to have built a 6 foot half pipe. So, after we got permision to use it, a bunch of us from work decided to go there with a 30 pack and try it out. Now i don't know what made me think that after about 45 minutes of messing around on this thing in my rollerblades, that I was ready to drop in from the top, but I was totaly ready. I took my blades off, ran to the top of the pipe, and but them back on.

I then edged to the side ready to drop in when I looked over the edge and realized I totaly needed another beer. After a quick drink I was ready to go....don't worry I had a helmet and knee pads on... and then I droped in. I was all good until the pipe leveled off, then in a glorious split second, my feet completely came out from under me and in one loud thud I landed flat and hard on my back.

After the laughing stopped my friends helped me up. I am glad to say that other than a lot of sourness and a couple bruises, I'm fine and actually really want to try it again but I think this time I will get some padding for my back side!


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Emma said...

Steve, the description of your fall is tooooo funny. Sorry, but I would have laughed at you too!



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